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    Effects of the Sun on Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

    Posted by:

    harmful UV rays damage

    Upon exposure to the sun, the harmful UV rays damage the existing collagen and elastin in your dermis (deeper layer of your skin) which gives your skin elasticity and support. The less collagen and elastin you have, the more likely you are to produce wrinkles and develop sagging skin.

    Again, it is important to protect your skin ...

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    Sun Spots or Age Spots?

    Posted by:

    Sun Spots
    The top layer of our skin (epidermis) produces a substance called melanin that gives your skin its normal color. The more melanin in the skin, the darker the skin appears and the more protection it provides against sun damage. Thus, certain ethnic groups such as South Asians, Latin Americans, and Middle-Easterners tend to have more melanin in their skin. ...

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    Play It Safe In The Sun

    Posted by:

    harmful effects of the sun

    I love being in the sun just as much as anyone, but we do have to remain conscious of the harmful effects of the sun. To “play it safe in the sun”, it is best to avoid the sun between the peak hours of 10 AM and 4 PM; wear protective clothing, hats, UV-blocking sunglasses, sweat resistant ...

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    Skin Cancer Basics

    Posted by:

    Sun Damage

    Each time your skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, changes take place in the structure of your skin’s cells. Continuous exposure causes the skin to become permanently damaged, and also affects the immune systems ability to identify and get rid of any abnormal or cancerous skin cells. Skin cancer is the most prevalent form of all ...

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    Can Meditation Prevent Aging?

    Posted by:

    Meditation to Prevent Aging

    Two weeks ago on my Birthday, I decided to go to a 10-day silent meditation retreat. I have to say, it was one of the most difficult things I have done in my life. On day number five, I started questioning the sanity of my decision to celebrate my birthday with a 10-day meditation retreat in silence! What was I thinking? I mean I could have gone on ...

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    Is Yo-Yo Dieting Causing Sagging Skin?

    Posted by:

    Are you a Yo-Yo Dieter?

    Yo-Yo Diet

    Last summer, you wanted to look fabulous for your 10 year high school reunion so you went on a crash diet and lost the excess weight. Shortly after, work got busy so you started eating unhealthy snacks and large meals late at night, and gained the weight back. Then you had a friend’s wedding to attend so you lost it again to fit into ...

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    Are Sweets Causing you to AGE?

    Posted by:

    piece of cake photo

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of much gratitude!  I have to say this Thanksgiving was a tough one for me for many reasons, including having to resist the multiple desserts that sat before me at Thanksgiving dinner. We all have vices and mine is sweets, especially delicious Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, and then other sweets like Tiramisu and Molten ...

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    Why Are Antioxidants So Important?

    Posted by:


    Antioxidants photo

    I was an unusual kid growing up in that I actually enjoyed my fruits and vegetables including plums, blueberries, apples, pomegranate, broccoli, spinach, kale, etc.  Little did I know that I was consuming foods high in ANTIOXIDANTS and my skin would be thanking me later on in my life!

    We have all heard about antioxidants, but do we really understand why they are so important? Antioxidants are not only important for ...

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    Two Ways to Prevent the Aging Process

    Posted by:

    UV-A rays and UV-B rays

    In the past two blogs, I talked about how you can prevent the aging process by boosting collagen production in your body. In the next two newsletters, I would like to talk about how you can prevent the aging process by doing some simple and important things to protect the existing collagen in your skin.


    • 90% ...
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    Three Skin Products that Boost Collagen Production!!!

    Posted by:

    three Skin Products that Boost Collagen Production

    Last week, I spoke about the importance of collagen in preventing the aging process and how Ultherapy can help you boost your collagen.  If you are not ready to invest in this revolutionary, non-invasive procedure, there are several products you can use in the meantime that may help you boost your collagen (although not as effectively as Ultherapy does).

    I have had several ...

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