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Everyone sweats. This is a normal and healthy function of our body. But unfortunately, some people have a tendency to sweat excessively and at times when other people would not even begin to feel damp. Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is an embarrassing condition that can hinder your professional and social life. Damp palms don’t inspire confidence and sweat marks on your shirt can become a distraction during an important meeting.

Fortunately there is an easy, non-surgical solution available to anyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis. Botox, the well-known cosmetic drug, is a very effective treatment that has given countless numbers of people freedom from excessive sweating.

How Botox Works to Treat Hyperhidrosis

Our nervous system that controls our involuntarily body functions such as breathing, digestion and temperature signals our sweat glands to produce sweat in response to certain stimuli such as elevated temperature. Botox, a natural, purified protein that is obtained from Clostridium botulinum bacterium, has the ability to block this signal, thereby preventing the activation of sweat glands in localized areas that are injected such as the underarms. Note that you will continue to sweat in other areas that are not injected. Results can generally last anywhere from 6-9 months.

The FDA approved Botox in 2004 to treat excessive underarm sweating. It can also be used by skilled practitioners to treat excessive sweating of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Treatment Session

Dr. Chugh administers Botox for hyperhidrosis from the comfort of Anand Medical Spa. If the treatment is being performed for underarm sweating, she asks her patients to refrain from shaving the underarm area for at least 3 days before their session. It typically takes less than 10 minutes to inject Botox into the targeted area. Dr. Chugh uses a very fine needle to inject Botox just under the skin surface in a grid-like pattern. Most patients tolerate the injections quite well and do not need any local anesthetics during the treatment. Topical anesthetic can be used if desired.

After the treatment, patients can resume normal activities immediately, but should refrain from intense exercise, use of a sauna, and other activities that may induce sweating. It usually takes about a week for Botox to take effect and reduce or eliminate sweating in the treatment area. If necessary, Dr. Chugh can perform a touch up treatment within two weeks if there are any areas that require additional treatment. The effects of the treatment typically last between 6 to 9 months. When you notice symptoms of hyperhidrosis returning, you should make an appointment with us for your next round of injections to maintain dryness.


Because the injections are placed just beneath the skin’s surface, the product remains there and does not enter the bloodstream. Botox was approved by the FDA in 2004 as a treatment for hyperhidrosis and clinical studies have proven that it is a very safe and effective treatment for individuals who suffer from excessive sweating.

Consultation with Dr. Chugh

Dr. Chugh personally performs all Botox treatments to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficacy for her clients. If you’re ready to say goodbye to damp palms and sweaty armpits, we encourage you to contact Anand Medical Spa today.

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