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“Rei” means universal and “ki” is another word for “chi” or energy.  Human beings are innately designed to receive and even transmit these finer levels of energy to balance their body’s organs, circulation, emotions, and spirit.  A practiced Reiki practitioner has the ability to treat a client’s entire energy field, leaving them balanced and rested, allowing their own system to heal any disturbances or disease.  Some of the top hospitals in the country are integrating Reiki as a part of their more comprehensive patient treatment, recognizing the effectiveness of this ancient healing method.

Reiki is used for basic first aid treatment for injuries, burns, post-operative support, alleviating pregnancy discomforts, supporting the elderly, eliminating depression, and relief from everyday pain, stress, and anxiety.  Although never used to substitute orthodox medical attention, it is used to help with the treatment of diseases including cancer.

Stress dissolves and deep relaxation occurs effortlessly as the innate intelligence of the client’s system receives just the right amount of Reiki energy to soothe their physical, mental, emotional and subtle levels of being, leaving them feeling calm and refreshed.

 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

       Over  the past decade, the Emotional Freedom Technique has become the most popularly applied “meridian-based” tapping method successfully used by certified practitioners, psychologists, complimentary health specialists, and their clients.  It works on the premise that “any negative emotion (or experience) is an imbalance in the energy system”….meaning that whether a disturbance is related to an immediate cause or a past trauma, this simple technique of tapping on specific acupuncture spots will inform one’s system to adjust and correct, leaving the client in a state of well-being and improvement on any short or long-term condition.

       The protocol was originally developed by the psychologist Roger Callahan, and originally named the “Callahan Technique”; Gary Craig, an engineer and Interfaith Minister, realized its value and has dedicated himself to making it universally available, re-naming the method the “Emotional Freedom Technique”, helping people achieve emotional freedom from pain, phobias, cravings, depression, anger, and an innumerable list of ailments.

       Recent research is revealing that this surprisingly simple, guided or self-applied tool is altering “gene expression”.  This documented research is providing scientific evidence for why the Emotional Freedom Technique is assisting people with long term chronic illnesses as well as everyday disturbances where no other treatment has provided relief or solutions.

Resonance Repatterning™

Resonance Repatterning is just what it sounds like – a system of repatterning resonance or energy frequency patterns.  Einstein proved that all matter is energy and that everything, including ourselves and every aspect of our body/mind and behavior is  energy, and through this ingenious combination of kinesiolgy (or muscle checking) and the full-spectrum of healing methods, we can now analyze and re-structure any level of our being and create different results.

Through the use of a simple muscle checking method, the practitioner and client discover the most relevant issue to address (which may not necessarily be what the conscious mind might assume), and by checking responses to specific questions, establish the structure and source of the pattern that needs to be “shifted”.

Then, through the same simple muscle checking method, we discover the method or modality that will best achieve that energy shift.  After experiencing that specific modality (can be a special sound, color/light, movement, energetic contact, fragrance, or breath), the practitioner re-checks the discovery statements on the client to see if the client’s system has genuinely shifted its response to those statements and is “on” for the positive outcome desired.

This form of Energy Psychology can directly pinpoint otherwise hidden causes of problems or blocks to positive intentions, complimenting or even eliminating the sometimes lengthy and frustrating process of psychotherapy or other attempts at personal change.

      MEET CAROL CANNONArtist and Interfaith Minister Carol Cannon

        Sixteen years ago, artist and Interfaith Minister Carol Cannon immersed herself in studying numerous forms of energy healing, beginning with becoming a Reiki Master.  This body of knowledge about every human being’s capacity to heal themselves and others was a fine foundation for then learning EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique), a meridian tapping method to balance the mind/body system.  She ten became certified in Resonance Re-patterning, a comprehensive system of shifting energy patterns to match that of what clients desire in any area of their lives.  Carol has an adept ability to treat and teach clients how to empower themselves by using these tools to bring balance, fulfillment, and joy to even very stressful lives and times.


Carol is multi-faceted!  I recommend her TOTALLY AND HIGHLY!  I have received very insightful and powerful sessions from her.

-Merril Tomlinson, CSW

Hi Carol, I wanted to thank you again for giving me the royal treatment and providing me with valuable insights and information.  I somehow naturally got up earlier than expected, and feel I now have some tools and the beginning of a path with the EFT statements.  I tapped on them, paying special attention to the ones about the supervisors, the job loss and the book deadline.  I began my 12 o’clock shift relatively calmly and was productive, thanks a billion.

-Margie Siggilino

THANK SO MUCH  :-))  So nice to spend time with you… Your healing Resonance Repatterning session is fantastic.  My solar plexus is much better and I am more relaxed and confident, thank you so much ;-))  I will tell you more in detail and in person the changes I am feeling.  I love the affirmation we composed:  “I am a confident, free artist making a contribution to humanity and committed to creativity, being in integrity, perseverance and love”.

-Nutan Valero, Health, Design Psychology & Innovation Expert





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