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Reveal Imager

What makes the Reveal Imager so good for my skin analysis?

The Reveal® Imager is a computer controlled imager that allows us to reproduce your facial profile through photography over specific time points and lighting. We then can record and cross polarizes the photos to measure the surface and subsurface skin conditions. The Reveal® Imager allows us to zoom in and magnify areas of the skin for closer examination which we then review with each patient. Once this process is completed, a customized report is created in an easy to read format which will include specific recommendations for each individual patient’s skin care needs.

  • User-friendly interface – REVEAL’s attractive, intuitive interface gets staff members up to speed quickly
  • Reproducible facial photography – Ensures reproducibility of images between time-points with built-in positioning aids and standardized lighting
  • Multi-spectral imaging – Uses standard white light and cross-polarized flash photography to record surface and subsurface skin condition
  • RBX™ Technology – The new RBX Technology from Canfield provides extraordinary visualization of sub-surface melanin and vascular conditions.
  • 3D Viewing – Visualize the skin’s surface in three dimensions from any angle, rendered in natural skin tone, color relief or gray scale.
  • Printed reports – Provide clients with easy-to understand reports
  • Integration with Mirror® medical imaging software – Harness the power of Mirror to get even more out of your REVEAL images
  • Pan & Zoom – Instantly zoom in and magnify image areas for close examination of a specific skin characteristic
  • Image export – Easily transfer images from REVEAL to MS PowerPoint, Word or other programs for use in presentations, publications and more

How does Reveal Imager work?

The Reveal® Imager uses a multi-spectral imaging scan to capture key visual information regarding your skin’s health and appearance. This scan is used to evaluate the skin’s pigmentation, photo damage which is usually caused by the sun, wrinkles, texture, spider veins, and acne patterns. Through this evaluation process, a personalized skin care approach is developed to treat each patient’s specific needs.

Over a course of treatments, the changes to your skin and effectiveness of your skin care program is recorded by the Reveal® Imager.

How long does the Reveal Imager take?

Your initial Reveal® Imager analysis will only take a few minutes. After the analysis is completed, a thirty minute to an hour long consultation will follow and it is during this time your personalized skin care treatment recommendations will be discussed.

Your Reveal® Imager follow up sessions will also take only a few minutes and your progress will be reviewed after each scan is completed.

How often will I need a Reveal Imager scan?

Since each patient’s skin and treatment differs, the number of Reveal® Imager sessions will also differ.

Your first analysis report will become your baseline from which we can evaluate your progress. Depending on your skin condition and your goals, we will perform additional evaluations as needed throughout your treatment program.

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