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Filling in the Facts 4 Benefits of Facial Fillers

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Filling in the Facts 4 Benefits of Facial Fillers

Our faces matter.  They make us recognizable as people.  They express our emotions and they’re our special sign of individuality.

But as we age, they’re also subject to wear and tear.  We all age and wear and tear, while varying according to genetics and lifestyle, can show up as traits we’d rather not have.

Wrinkles are one of those traits deemed “undesirable”.  While we all get them, not all of us welcome them.  They get in the way of our careers, our self-esteem and our social lives.  With facial fillers getting rid of them is relatively simple – without surgery.

In this post, we’re filling in the facts:  4 benefits of facial fillers that make them a worthy way to address the visible signs of aging.


While lines and wrinkles are the most common use for facial fillers, they can do a lot more.

Skillfully deployed fillers can improve the look of your face in areas where it’s lost volume over the years.

If you have facial scarring you’d like to correct, dermal fillers can greatly improve its appearance by evening the surface of the skin.

Fillers can re-define your jawline, give your lips a more voluptuous appearance or enhance your cheeks.  Extremely versatile, new uses for fillers are continually being proposed.


Facelifts, while still frequently performed, are becoming increasingly less popular with the advent of fillers.  Fillers aren’t permanent (lasting anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the product involved and the location in which it’s used).

A facelift is a surgical commitment.  Anesthesia, an incision and recovery time is involved.  In addition, there’s the risk of complications.  There’s none of that with facial fillers and even better, you can try on a look to see if you like it without committing to it forever.


Facial fillers, while derived from a variety of ingredients, very often containing hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid  is naturally produced by your skin, but as we age, we lose this along with collagen production.

Also, fillers can at times stimulate collagen production to occur naturally.  This is the way facial fillers work with your skin to greatly improve its appearance.


The galaxy of facial fillers available grows continually.  As we’ve explained, the uses for these products are expanding and now include procedures being pioneered on the hands and even ones which can modify the appearance of the nose.

At Anand Medical Spa, we’re excited about all these developments and look forward to telling you more.  For now, though, you should know that our extraordinary suite of services is home to the most advanced facial fillers currently available.

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About the Author:

Dr. Sunanda Chugh is the Founder and Medical Director of Anand Medical Spa and has been practicing in NYC since 2004. She is a graduate of Cornell University and has completed her training at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Chugh has worked and trained with top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in NYC. Her special interest on the effect of the aging process on the face and body inspired her to specialize in Aesthetic Medicine.

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