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How to Look Fabulous in a Face Mask!

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How to Look Good in a Face Mask


Admit it—we all love searching for the next best accessory to stay on trend. Before COVID-19, a luxurious face mask was considered a great addition to your at-home self-care routine. But now, face masks have come to mean something completely different. 


Who would have imagined as we opened the door to 2020 that the premiere accessory on the global fashionista’s radar would be a fabric face mask or covering—not to hide our identity like superheroes, but to protect us and those we love? 


Although these face masks protect us and hide the lower part of our faces, they can also accentuate your exposed features. Not only can wearing a face mask affect your skincare routine, but it can also draw attention to lines and wrinkles. 


Wearing a mask may be part of our foreseeable future, but looking great can be part of your future, too! Thankfully, looking youthful and beautiful doesn’t have to be hard. Even if half your face is covered, you can look better than ever before.


If your quarantine skincare routine could use a facelift, we’ve got the treatments you need to see results right away. Learn more about how to look good in a face mask with these recommendations! 


Look Gorgeous with Youthful Eyes

Smiling with your eyes is a must when you’re wearing a cloth face mask. However, if big smiles lead to big lines around your eyes, you may dread wearing your mask out in public.


When our facial expressions are covered, our eyes take center stage. That means crow’s feet can seem more apparent than usual. These fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes bring attention to your age. To maintain your young, joyful look and feel your best, a speedy Botox treatment is all you need to say goodbye to crow’s feet. 


Many of us are feeling tired after months of pandemic life, but that doesn’t mean you have to look tired! Undereye hollows can make dark circles more pronounced. However, well placed filler treatments can help your eyes look revitalized and youthful. 


Drooping eyebrows can overshadow your beautiful eyes, too. A quick 5 minute eyebrow lift can help you feel more confident when you’re sporting your N95. Looking good in a face mask is just an afternoon away!

Banish Forehead Lines

Now more than ever, our forehead muscles are getting a workout. Since people can’t see our mouths, our exaggerated expressions show up in our forehead lines as well as our eyes. However, over time, these expressions lead to deep set lines. 


Woman with Frown Lines and Forehead Lines wearing Covid-19 Face Mask


And if you’re feeling more stressed out than usual, frown lines may start appearing between your eyebrows. Along with managing your stress and taking time for yourself, treating these lines before they deepen can help you look your best even when you’re frustrated.


Our expressions are a large part of what makes us beautiful, so no need to fear forehead lines! A gentle Botox treatment is all you need to make frown lines and forehead lines a thing of the past…without completely freezing your forehead muscles. Softening these lines can help you look great in a face mask. 


Our treatments offer a stunning natural look that leaves you free to express yourself without sacrificing your youthful appearance. No need to even mention that you got a treatment! Your beauty secret is safe with us. 


Tighten Up Your Neck

Loose skin or unsightly fat beneath your chin and down your neck betrays your age. You may think a gorgeous, youthful neck comes with surgical procedures and a hefty price tag. After months in quarantine, the last thing you want is recovery time that keeps you at home. 


Beautiful Woman Looking Good in a N95 Face Mask

Thankfully, we’ve got the treatments to help you look incredible without surgery or down time. 


Ultherapy is the perfect way to tighten your skin. This FDA-approved treatment using ultrasound offers a transformational neck and chin lift in just one appointment. Eliminate excess skin and emphasize your beautiful, long lines. 


If underchin fat has you avoiding the mirror, an injectable Kybella treatment is a great way to permanently dissolve fat. This quick treatment is one of the best ways to give you a slim neck and chin with no down time. A long, beautiful neck can help you feel confident under your mask. 


Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Face

Even though your nose and mouth are hidden under a mask, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the bottom half of your face!


You may notice that wearing a mask is causing you to break out more often. If you haven’t already, shifting your skincare routine during COVID-19 is a great way to help your skin recover when it gets the opportunity to breathe. 


To keep your skin looking its best, avoid wearing makeup as much as possible and carry some face wipes with you to gently wipe your face when you sweat. Wearing a light, non-comedeogenic moisturizer like Skinmedica’s Ultrasheer Moisturizer can keep your skin comfortable and hydrated.


Taking care of your skin between treatments is an absolute must to maintain your gorgeous results. That’s why we recommend using SkinMedica products at home to prevent skincare issues and help you look good in a face mask or without one!


If you’re spending more time inside or you’re wearing a mask at work all day, your skincare needs may have changed. This is a great time to reevaluate your skincare routine and to add other soothing treatments to keep your skin looking its best. Even if your mask only reveals the top half of your face, the bottom half still needs attention to stay youthful and beautiful.

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During the quarantine, you may have noticed your frown lines getting deeper or your crow’s feet becoming more apparent. As we begin exploring our new normal, you may be feeling less confident if your age has started to show. 


No one knows how long we’ll be wearing face masks to keep ourselves and others safe. However, you don’t have to sacrifice feeling your best just because you’re in a mask! There are plenty of ways to look good in a face mask, and let us help you with our special offers below:

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In less than an hour, you can look even more fabulous sporting your mask!

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About the Author:

Dr. Sunanda Chugh is the Founder and Medical Director of Anand Medical Spa and has been practicing in NYC since 2004. She is a graduate of Cornell University and has completed her training at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Chugh has worked and trained with top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in NYC. Her special interest on the effect of the aging process on the face and body inspired her to specialize in Aesthetic Medicine.

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