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Boom in Cosmetic Procedures for Men & Couples

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Boom in Cosmetic Procedures for Men & Couples

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the fairest of them all? For decades, women have been the primary consumers of beauty aids in their relentless pursuit ...

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Who Doesn’’t Want Beautiful, Healthy Lips Even In The Winter?

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Now that winter is in full gear, I would like to share some lip health and beauty tips with you for this winter season.

1) Protect Your Lips
Mucosal skin such as your lips does not have the protective layer as ...

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Wellness Matters: Take the first step to becoming the “You” you envisioned this year!

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Are you often sleep deprived?

Do you feel anxious in your everyday life and stressed by its challenges?

Do you struggle with diet, digestive and nutritional issues?

Do you know that each of these issues are directly related to the aging process?

In the early years of ...

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The Health Corner: Skin Fixing Foods

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dream woman face

Can youthful vitality and glowing complexion really be found in what you eat? At Anand Medical Spa, I have long supported the connection between health, skin, and diet. But when it comes to getting the right amount and right types of ...

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Top 10 Winter Skin Care Tips

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Top 10 Winter Skin Care Tips

1. Beware of long, hot showers in the Winter

I know as much we like to take long hot showers in the winter, unfortunately prolonged exposure to hot ...

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5 Botox Myths and the Truths Behind them

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. 5 Botox Myths and the Truths Behind them


Myth #1 Stopping Botox Makes Wrinkles Worse

Even though Botox is a temporary treatment that requires maintenance, discontinuing treatments will not contribute to deepening lines. In ...

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Holiday Beauty Plan for Perfect Skin

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Holiday Beauty Plan for Perfect Skin
Early October
Give Yourself a “Beauty Lift” with Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a proven, and popular, FDA approved procedure that can provide the look of a non-surgical facelift by lifting and tightening loose skin ...

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Finding Balance

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Finding Balance

When choosing a physician certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is an important credential, essential to the integrity of patient care. Every ten years, recertification is required to keep certification current and to assure standard of excellence in treatment. The program of study prior to the exam is rigorous and ...

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Is Yo-Yo Dieting Causing Sagging Skin?

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Are you a Yo-Yo Dieter?

Yo-Yo Diet

Last summer, you wanted to look fabulous for your 10 year high school reunion so you went on a crash diet and lost the excess weight. Shortly after, work got busy so you started eating unhealthy snacks and large meals late at night, and gained the weight back. Then you had a friend’s ...

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Boost Collagen and Prevent Aging!!!

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an image of lake

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. First, the city is vibrant and full of life as people are returning from their summer getaways, refreshed and feeling renewed. The fall foliage is absolutely beautiful. The changing of the leaves is a pleasant reminder of the beauty and changes we also go through ...

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