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Prejuvenation: How Millennials Can Use Botox for Aging Prevention

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Whether or not you age may be outside of your control, but how well you age is up to you. Cosmetic treatments can correct signs of aging once they have developed, but prevention is always easier than correction. Wrinkles begin forming as early as your 20s as collagen production begins to decline. With weakened skin elasticity, dynamic wrinkles, or expression lines, can gradually become etched onto your face, eventually becoming static wrinkles in your 30s. With an eye on the road ahead, more and more millennials are turning to Botox in an effort to maintain their youthful beautiful skin well into the future.

At Anand Medical Spa, Dr. Sunanda Chugh loves helping young people in New York City look and feel their best using the most-trusted and clinically-proven cosmetic treatments. If you are concerned about early signs of aging and want to ensure you age as gracefully as possible, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chugh to learn all about FDA-approved Botox injections. With no downtime and few side effects, Botox treatments are a quick and easy way for millennials to preemptively target signs of aging at their source.


What Causes Wrinkles?


Nobody likes frown lines, forehead lines or crow’s feet, but a variety of unavoidable factors all cause your skin to inevitably develop wrinkles as time goes on. Wrinkles form due to a decrease in collagen and elastin production and natural volume loss that starts occurring in your 20s. Over time, the collagen and elastin fibers that keep your skin firm and elastic weaken with use and age, creating skin that progressively sags and appears wrinkled in your 30s and beyond.


Every time you smile, laugh, frown or form any sort of facial expression, your small facial muscles pull and stretch your skin, creating creases and folds on your face. While you’re young, these creases, called “dynamic” wrinkles, quickly disappear and smooth over after you relax your face. As your skin ages, however, those dynamic wrinkles can gradually turn into “static” wrinkles, etched into the skin that stay visible even after you’ve stopped smiling or laughing.


How Botox Can Keep Your Skin Smooth and Youthful


Millennials in NYC are increasingly choosing to use Botox as a preventative aging treatment that keeps wrinkles from developing in the first place. Unlike cosmetic surgery that focuses on sagging, wrinkled skin after it has already formed, Botox treatments work to prevent static wrinkles before they begin.


Botox is a purified protein that can temporarily relax targeted muscles by blocking the signals sent from the nerves to facial muscles. While it may sound scary, Botox has been used safely for years by millions of happy patients. When injected in controlled amounts by an experienced injector, Botox can strategically relax the small facial muscles responsible for creating creases in your face when you form expressions. Botox’s effects allow for natural results that keep your skin from wearing out once the aging process starts to kick in.


Before & After Botox
Before & After Botox

Botox Treatments in Your 20s for Fewer Wrinkles in Your 30s


Botox works best as part of a comprehensive prejuvenation, or aging prevention, plan that also incorporates an advanced skincare routine. While satisfying, results from Botox injections are only temporary and last an average of three to four months. In order to enjoy your rejuvenated appearance year-round and ensure you minimize wrinkles as much as possible, plan on scheduling a Botox appointment every three months or so. Good skin requires constant upkeep, especially if you want to hold wrinkles at bay for as long as possible.


Patients, especially young people, who choose to schedule their Botox appointments regularly may even find that they require less product at each appointment. Regular Botox treatments prevent the targeted muscles from receiving much use. Just like with muscles on your body, your treated facial muscles will gradually shrink with disuse, meaning you may require minimal treatment with each successive appointment. Regular Botox treatments ensure your dynamic wrinkles stay dynamic, keeping your face youthful and radiant well into your 30s.


Schedule Your Botox Consultation with Dr. Chugh Today


Botox for millennials is an emerging trend that is here to stay. If you are interested in great skin that lasts a lifetime, schedule a consultation at Anand Medical Spa and talk to Dr. Chugh about prejuvenation with Botox injections. Dr. Chugh will work with you to establish an advanced skincare treatment plan that takes advantage of the latest offerings in nonsurgical cosmetic medicine. Call 212-653-0366 to schedule your Botox consultation at our office in NYC today.

About the Author:

Dr. Sunanda Chugh is the Founder and Medical Director of Anand Medical Spa and has been practicing in NYC since 2004. She is a graduate of Cornell University and has completed her training at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Chugh has worked and trained with top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in NYC. Her special interest on the effect of the aging process on the face and body inspired her to specialize in Aesthetic Medicine.

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