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Non-Invasive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

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One thing that was emphasized to us during our medical training was to “do no harm”.  Part of the reason I decided to specialize in non-invasive cosmetic medicine instead of plastic surgery is I did not want to put my clients at risks associated with surgery.
Non-Invasive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery
Did you know that plastic surgery can expose you to the potential risks below?
  • Complications related to anesthesia, including anaphylactic/allergic reaction, pneumonia, blood clots and, rarely, death
  • Tissue Death or…. (Read More)
  • Infection at the incision site, which may worsen scarring and require additional surgery
  • Fluid build up under the skin
  • Excessive bleeding which may cause a hematoma and require another surgical procedure, or bleeding significant enough to require a transfusion
  • Obvious scarring or skin breakdown, which occurs when healing skin separates from healthy skin and must be removed surgically
  • Numbness and tingling from nerve damage, which may be permanent
  • Tissue Death or Necrois from surgical manipulation where blood supply is compromised

Nowadays there are so many non-invasive procedures that can accomplish results similar to that of plastic surgery. Why put yourself through the above risks when you have other options??? 

I am not saying you should never do plastic surgery. I am just saying if there are other non-invasive alternatives like below that you can explore before considering surgery, it is always in your best interest to do that first.

BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Non-Invasive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

Here are some examples of what we can help you accomplish with non-invasive procedures to replace surgery.

  • Want a nose job-get a 5 minute dermal filler injection
  • Want a chin or cheek augmentation-get a 10 minute dermal filler injection with Juvederm.
  • Want a facelift including an eyelift– get a non-invasive treatment with Ultherapy
  • Want face contouring– get a 20 minute contouring of your face with the new Voluma dermal filler.
  • Want a softer jaw– get a 10 minute Botox treatment
  • Want to eliminate excessive underarm sweating– get a 20 minute Botox treatment

About the Author:

Dr. Sunanda Chugh is the Founder and Medical Director of Anand Medical Spa and has been practicing in NYC since 2004. She is a graduate of Cornell University and has completed her training at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Chugh has worked and trained with top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in NYC. Her special interest on the effect of the aging process on the face and body inspired her to specialize in Aesthetic Medicine.

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