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What is “Fashion Forward” for your face?

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. What is -Fashion Forward- for your face?

Runways shows, top designers, the latest trends, fabulous events….NYC fashion week is finally here! I would like to take this time to talk about what looks “fashionable” for your face so you can be runway ready!

I just visited Paris, a top center of fashion on my way to Croatia and was inspired to write this blog ...

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Procedures Safe for the Summertime!

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41423022 - beauty happy woman in her hat is back and admire the sunset over the sea on the beach

I am always amazed by how summer feels as though it is coming to an end as soon as the calendar hits August. Although it may feel like the “dog darn days of summer” are over, half of the summer still remains! I would like to ...

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Boom in Cosmetic Procedures for Men & Couples

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Boom in Cosmetic Procedures for Men & Couples

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the fairest of them all? For decades, women have been the primary consumers of beauty aids in their relentless pursuit to look and feel their best. However, today more than ever, the open expression of male vanity is on the rise. The male grooming market has become ...

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Beautifeye: Top Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Eyes

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Beautifeye: Top Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Eyes

Did you know…that the eyes are not only the “windows into our soul”, but are usually the first area on the face to show signs of aging? As we age, the texture and integrity of the skin around the eyes is lost, resulting in a less than refreshed and youthful appearance. In addition to the ...

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CELEBRATING MOM: Reflections on this Special Woman In Your Life

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. CELEBRATING MOM: Reflections on this Special Woman In Your Life

My mother has been a tremendous source of inspiration in my life and is the reason I incorporated the concept of wellness into my practice. I still remember the first meditation retreat we attended together four years ago around Mother’s Day at Peace Village in New York. My mother had ...

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COUNTDOWN TO GORGEOUS For the Bride & For You Too!

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As the month of June approaches, many of you will be attending weddings of friends and loved ones. And for some, planning for “the happiest day of your life” has already begun. Amidst preparations for the perfect venue, your bridal gown, the guest list, and a myriad of other details, this is a ...

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Halting the Aging Process with Antioxidants for the Body and Skin

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BEAUTY AND HEALTH. Halting the Aging Process with Antioxidants for the Body and Skin


An array of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet every day will help your source antioxidants, mainly from the phytonutrients (plant based nutrients) that they contain. These foods are also a good source of other antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and ...

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Who Doesn’’t Want Beautiful, Healthy Lips Even In The Winter?

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beautiful and healthy lips photo


Now that winter is in full gear, I would like to share some lip health and beauty tips with you for this winter season.

1) Protect Your Lips
Mucosal skin such as your lips does not have the protective layer as the rest of the skin on your body does to shield against the drying elements such as the weather. Love your ...

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Wellness Matters: Take the first step to becoming the “You” you envisioned this year!

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women face photo


Are you often sleep deprived?

Do you feel anxious in your everyday life and stressed by its challenges?

Do you struggle with diet, digestive and nutritional issues?

Do you know that each of these issues are directly related to the aging process?

In the early years of my medical practice, it became apparent that although my patients came to me for help in improving their appearance ...

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The Health Corner: Skin Fixing Foods

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dream woman face

Can youthful vitality and glowing complexion really be found in what you eat? At Anand Medical Spa, I have long supported the connection between health, skin, and diet. But when it comes to getting the right amount and right types of foods, what should you eat to help the skin from within? Antioxidants, of course, top the list to fight the ...

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