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In honor of taking care of your preventative health and  anti-aging/beauty concerns…

Anand Medical Spa would like to help you with this OFFER

(Good through February 15th)

  • 30-minute Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Sunanda Chugh to discuss your weight, wellness, or beauty/anti-aging concerns ($200 value)
  • 40-units of Botox for $500 ($200 savings)
  • Complimentary 20-units of Botox with the purchase of two ...
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7 Uncommon uses of Botox

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Uncommon uses of Botox

As most people know, Botox is a safe and widely-used treatment to smooth and relax skin that has formed into unwanted wrinkles over time.

Did you know that Botox can be used to treat a lot more than just the obvious wrinkles of the face?

Here are the 7 Uncommon uses of Botox that are rapidly increasing in popularity!


1) ...
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Fight Signs of Aging and Make Your Eyes Look More Youthful

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Make Your Eyes Look More Youthful








One of the most obvious and first places we show signs of aging is the EYES!

Delicate skin around the eyes is already ten times thinner than the face.  Exhausted every day, undergoing stress, exposure to the sun, not eating/sleeping well or genetic predisposition causes you to lose further collagen and fat under the eyes as we get older.  ...

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Latisse: Longer, Stronger Eyelashes for the Holidays

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Stronger Eyelashes for the Holidays

Every woman dreams of eyelashes as richly dark in color as they are luxuriously thick and lengthy, but few are naturally blessed with such follicles. Today there’s a revolutionary solution beyond sticky false eyelashes, uncomfortable ...

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