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Other than your eyes and hands, your neck is the other main area that can give away your age unless you take care of it. Just like your eyes, your neck is also composed of very thin skin and has less collagen than other parts of the body.

We have some wonderful tips to prevent your neck from ...

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What can you do to LOVE yourself this year?

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What can you do to LOVE yourself  this year?  

Valentine’s day


For Valentine’s day this year, instead of worrying about how to make your partner or other people HAPPY, how about we start with YOU!? 

I spent the better part of my life always worrying about how to make others happy.  Whether it was my parents, my partner, my friends, my boss, my co-workers, I somehow managed ...

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Skin Cancer: Three Things You Should Know This Fall

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Now that we are officially into Fall, our thoughts have begun to move ahead to cooler weather and shorter days. There are few things more beautiful than Autumn in New York, but, before we fully embrace the beauty of Fall, we must take a moment and discuss an ugly by-product of  Summer: skin cancer.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in four Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. With that statistic in mind, June has been designated ...

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